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Why Choose Us

We Provide The Best Rates for Students & Young Professionals

Data Driven

Harnessing the power of data to identify the best rate you can receive

Rental Coverage

We have a highly experienced team, and they ensure you are expertly covered

Customer Service

We have a constant gauge on how the room/property is being handled

Guarantor & Rental Solutions

More and more tenants are struggling to find a guarantor - your ideal home is out there waiting for you to move in.

To date, we have covered up to £150,000 in rent payments, something we’re very proud of.


Complete a form

Our software assesses the suitability of your situation with our ability to cover your rent


Let us know what dates

After diving into your situation, we'll arrange a package that gives you leeway to rent without a guarantor



We stay in touch and back you up when necessary

Move into your ideal room today and choose your best plan

Which Tier suits you best!


per room

Round the clock communication

Fast approval

Perfect for students

Young Professional

per room

Round the clock communication

Fast approval

Perfect for young professionals

Agent or Enterprise

multiple tenants

Round the clock communication

Fast Approval at scale

Account manager

We're here to help Solve Your Guarantor Situation

With our Dedicated Team

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